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Endgame DDOS protection setup and customisation . complete setup of endgame onion DDOS protection setup

EndGame V2 – Onion Service DDOS Prevention Front System

V2 Provided by Dread and White House Market.

Should be used with this onionbalance process for distinct descriptors. Use one onion for everything.

EndGame is

  • a front system designed to protect the core application servers on an onion service in a safe and private way.
  • locally complied and locally run (no trusted or middle party).
  • a combination of multiple different technologies working together in harmony (listed below).
  • arguably magic ㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ

Main Features

  • Fully scripted and easily deploy-able (for mass scaling!) on blank Debian 10 systems.
  • Full featured NGINX LUA script to filter packets and provide a captcha directly using the NGINX layer.
  • Rate limiting via Tor’s V3 onion service circuit ID system with secondary rate limiting based on a testcookie like system.
  • Easy Configuration for both local and remote (over Tor) front systems.
  • Easily configurable and change-able to meet an onion service’s needs.

It can also:

  • Cause you to grow a bigger dick than the asshole DDOSER (true figurally, lies probably)
  • Save you millions of dollars do to DDOSER’s downing your site for ransom or for their extorting fees.
  • Make it look like you know what the fuck you are doing.

    V2 Updates

    V2 EndGame has updates to the broken captcha generation process using a clock facing captcha. It includes extra features like

    • updated documentation
    • load balanced Tor socks processes for more stable socks_passes
    • unix listening instead of ports for performance, stability, and security
    • true randomization for captcha and cookie generation
    • simple queue system (time based, read below)
    • various theme configuration options right on the setup file
    • dependency script to get all the dependencies only once. Effectively snapshotting all dependencies preventing future dependency repo exploits in the VERY unlikely case a repo was to get compromised. Paranoia mode.
    • bug fixes and various performance tunings

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